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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device Information

Why BYOD is a good idea

The purpose of BYOD is to continue technology-rich learning for all students at PHS. There will be more opportunities for students to collaborate with others, connect with a global community, receive feedback from teachers, and create products like videos to show their learning.

Educational research shows that BYOD leads to many benefits in learning, some of these benefits are:

  • Devices are already a very significant part of students' lives. Since these devices are integral to their lives, they should be integral to their learning lives.
  • Mobile devices are part of 21st century living and integral to learning 21st century skills, which are vital for students to learn and develop.
  • BYOD allows even further personalised learning for students.
  • BYOD allows learning to be even more collaborative.
  • When students are able to use their own devices, it often leads to increased motivation and engagement in learning.

BYOD in the classroom

Many students already bring their own devices to school and are already using them in class to enhance their learning. Our findings from student and parent consultations have revealed that students want to have access to devices in the classroom.

There are many educational benefits associated with students bringing their own devices to school, like:

  • more engaged and motivated students
  • students are held accountable for their learning and puts them in charge
  • encourages continued learning outside of the classroom walls
  • personalised, students tap into their individual learning preferences
  • learning anytime, anywhere without schedule or access restrictions
  • allows for immediate application in the classroom
  • flexibility; supports different learners with different needs
  • helps students identify skills that will make them life-long learners
  • gives students a preview of how their future workplaces will operate

Student BYOD responsibilities

Students must:

  • sign the BYOD and internet student agreement with their parent or carer before bringing their own devices to school
  • use their designated BYOD device in the classroom 
  • make sure their devices are safe and secure at all times
  • keep their devices safe using carry cases, screen guards, etc
  • use devices according to school and NSW Education Department policies 
  • families may choose to purchase insurance for student devices.