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The aim of the Work Studies course is to enable people to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to allow them to experience a successful transition from school to work and further education and training. Work in all its forms – paid and unpaid – plays a central role in our lives. Technological, social and economic factors are rapidly changing the nature of work and traditional patterns of work organisation.  Many of the occupations in which students will work do not yet exist.

This course in Work Studies will assist students:

To recognise the links between education, training, work and lifestyle, and to recognise the economic and social factors that affect work opportunities.

To develop an understanding of the changing nature of work organisation and the implications for individuals and society,

To undertake an extended work placement to allow for the development of specific job-related skills. To acquire general work-related knowledge, skills and attitudes, transferable across a number of occupational areas.

To develop their skills in accessing work-related information, presenting themselves to potential employers, and functioning effectively in the workplace.

There are 12 elective modules which expand on the issues introduced in the core. Modules are studied for 15 - 30 hours. Elective modules are:

1.       In the Workplace

2.       Preparing Job Applications

3.       Workplace Communication

4.       Teamwork and Enterprise Skills

5.       Managing Work and Life Commitments

6.       Personal Finance

7.       Workplace Issues

8.       Self-employment

9.       Team Enterprise Project

10.     Experiencing Work

11.     School-Developed Module