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When students wear a school uniform, they feel included in our school community. Pittwater High School expects all students to wear our uniform with pride. Our P&C runs an online and physical shop at our school.

Students, teachers, parents and carers, as well as members of our local community helped develop our school uniform to make sure it:

  • meets the requirements of occupational health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation

  • includes items that are affordable, comfortable and made from easy-care and easy-wear fabrics

  • is appropriate for the full range of school activities

  • is suitable for all body shapes.

Learn more about the NSW Department of Education’s School Uniform Policy.

How to Order Uniforms

Uniforms can be ordered from here https://phsshop.com/

Details of how to collect the uniform from the Uniform Shop are below.

How to Order Lockers

Lockers can be ordered from this website. 2024 Lockers are now available for reservation. Click the link above and secure one now! 


How to Collect the Uniform & Shop Open Hours

If you wish to visit the Uniform Shop, it is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.15 am - 11.15 am.

Pre-ordered uniforms can be collected on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from the Canteen between 8:30-9:00 am as well as the Shop opening times.

Contacting the Uniform Shop

Please email phsuniformshop2103@gmail.com or alternatively (02) 9979 6968

Uniforms at Pittwater High School

Junior Girls - Years 7-9

The junior girls uniform is made up of:

  • Tartan tunic - Summer
  • Tartan skirt - all year
  • blue short-sleeved, pintucked blouse - all year
  • long tailored PHS black pants - Winter (or grey shorts optional)
  • white or black ankle socks (not no-show socklets) - all year
  • black stockings  - Winter
  • Grey v-neck woollen jumper or maroon fleece sweatshirt with PHS emblem - all year.

Senior Girls - Years 10-12

The senior girls uniform is made up of:

  • white short-sleeved blouse with maroon piping, school emblem
  • grey, front pleated skirt - Summer and Winter
  • long black tailored PHS pants - all year round
  • white or black ankle socks (not no-show socklets) or black stockings for Winter
  • Grey v-neck woollen jumper or maroon fleece sweatshirt (zippered or pullover) with PHS emblem
  • Senior Jackets if purchased.

Junior Boys - Years 7-9

The junior boys uniform is made up of:

  • maroon polo shirts with PHS emblem - all year
  • grey school shorts (woven fabric not jersey knit) - all year
  • long grey school pants - winter
  • Grey v-neck woollen jumper or maroon fleece sweatshirt (zippered or pullover) with PHS emblem
  • white, black or grey ankle socks (not no-show socklets).

Senior Boys - Years 10-12

The senior boys uniform is made up of:

  • grey school shorts of woven fabric; not jersey knit or quick-dry material
  • long grey school pants
  • white collar short-sleeved button shirt with school emblem
  • grey v-neck woollen jumper PHS emblem or maroon woollen v-neck with PHS emblem.
  • Senior jacket if purchased
  • maroon school tie with school emblem - optional
  • white, black or grey ankle socks (not no-show socklets).


  • Shoes - All black enclosed leather shoes, no white markings or edges, no suede, no boots. See Page 36 of the School Handbook for specific guide.
  • Socks - plain in white, black or grey ankle socks (not no-show socklets or long socks).
  • Senior maroon school blazer 
  • Navy windproof jacket
  • Hat - PHS Cap - maroon or navy

Sports Uniform - All Years

The sports uniform is unisex and is made up of:

  • maroon or navy microfiber shorts
  • maroon knit short 
  • white polo shirt with PHS emblem
  • navy microfibre tracksuit pants
  • navy microfibre tracksuit zip-up top
  • maroon rugby shorts
  • white ankle socks
  • maroon and white long rugby socks.
  • sport trainers - see page 37 of School Handbook 

Second Hand Uniforms

We have a wide range of quality second hand uniforms currently for sale. Come and visit the shop on Tuesdays or Thursdays, open from 8:15 to 11:15 am, to purchase.


All canteens in NSW public schools must meet certain requirements. These include providing more healthy food and drink options – to make the healthy choice an easy choice for students. Visit Healthy school canteens to learn more.

The Pittwater High School Canteen is renowned for its homemade food. From the salads, pasta sauce, baked potatoes, to our mac and cheese or handmade pizzas. All of our food is made with love and care. We also have gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

How to Order Food


The easiest and preferred way is to use the Flexischools App. Download the Flexischools App or for more information, go to the website www.flexischools.com.au. If you are a first time user, you will need to register to set up the account. Once this is done, you'll find it so easy to use. Order BEFORE 8:30am on the day or you can order well in advance!

If you are unable to use the App, orders can be taken over the counter before school starts. 

Please note: Mobile phone tap is NOT permitted. Students must use bank card only. All cards  (except American Express) and cash accepted. 

Samantha Manchester is our Canteen Manager and if you are interested in volunteering with the great canteen team, give her a call on 9438 6616

Please come and support our canteen. "Happy tummy, happy mind".