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A better start to life creates a better future for the child. Child Studies enables young people to understand the interrelated factors that influence the early years and their impact on the next generation of successful, creative and confident learners and citizens.

Child Studies

Society has a responsibility to provide a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for children in their early years, as this is crucial to optimal growth and development. Child Studies explores the broad range of social, environmental, genetic and cultural factors that influence parental development and a child’s sense of wellbeing and belonging between 0 and 8 years of age.

Learning programs are designed by selecting modules and integrating content from a variety of the following modules:

·         Preparing for parenthood

·         Conception to birth

·         Family interactions

·         Newborn care

·         Growth and development

·         Play and the developing child

·         Health and safety in childhood

·         Food and nutrition in childhood

·         Children and culture

·         Media and technology in childhood

·         Aboriginal cultures and childhood

·         The diverse needs of children

·         Childcare and career opportunities

Each module is approximately 15 – 30 hours in length.

Students will complete a variety of assessments including a range of practical research projects both as individuals and in groups.

This subject will support the learning of Community and Family Studies in the senior school.