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A selection of resources to inform our school community on Cybersafety.

eSafety Commissioner

The ever changing nature of the internet can pose challenges for parents who wish to keep on top of their children's technology use. While children might seem to be tech-savvy, they still need a parent's guiding hand to help make sure their online experience is positive and safe.  The e-Safety Commissioner website has an extensive range of information on online safety.

Visit the eSafety Commissioner website.


For helpful information on cyberbullying the eSafety commissioner has information and can help those under 18 make a cyber bullying complaint.

For information to help you when your child is being cyber bullied use their interactive Cyberbullying support tool.

If your child has done something online that they may be regretting read So you got naked online (PDF 1808KB).

Budget Direct have some useful information on identity theft and tips for parents that you can read on their blog Digital safety: staying safe online






headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation has vast resources for students, parents and teachers. Visit their website headspace.

Social Media is blocked on PHS school network

Social media apps are blocked when using the school wireless infrastructure. However, if a student has their own smartphone with personal internet access, they are probably on Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook etc. With the camera on their phones, students can be snapping photos and instantly uploading to their feeds.

For more information about protecting your children, visit the headspace website for resources on social media and technology.