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The Level System

The Level System is designed to demonstrate that students are being responsible, respectful and aspire to achieve their best. This system also acts as restitution. When on a level card, teachers are able to provide positive feedback to students.

Getting placed on a Level

When do I get placed on a Level?

Hopefully never!  Everybody starts school on Level 0.  However, when you have not helped yourself to learn to the best of your ability, or when you have stopped others from learning, been uncooperative, thoughtless or disregarded the rights of others, then you may be placed on a Level.

You may be placed directly on a higher Level by a Deputy Principal or Principal if you are involved in a very serious incident of misbehaviour.

Level System Explained

How to avoid being put on a Level

How can I avoid being placed on a Level?

Follow the positive behaviour values and avoid the negative behaviours listed in the table above.