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Senior Learning Centre

Year 11 and 12 students have individual timetables that include study periods.

During study periods, students are required to be in the following areas:

  • Senior Learning Centre (SLC)
  • Senior Outdoor Area (between A Block and B Block)
  • Working with a teacher (by pre-arranged appointment only)
  • Attending a Drama, Music or Dance rehearsal (Performance Space, Hall and other rehearsal rooms must be booked through the head teacher of the specific subject)
  • Working on a major work in a classroom/faculty area associated with the work in question

The Senior Learning Centre is available to Year 11 and Year 12 students during their study periods. Situated in the school’s Learning Centre (library) on the first floor in D Block, it is a space where students can complete private study, assessment and/or homework tasks, group work and research.

What does the Senior Learning Centre offer you?

  • A pleasant environment with furniture designed to help you work productively
  • Use of computers and printing facilities
  • A teacher to help you during every learning centre period
  • Copies of the latest study guides, revision workbooks and subject textbooks
  • Past Band 6-grade major works
  • Study advice, major work tips and research assistance from the Teacher Librarian
  • The opportunity to book a state-of-the-art meeting room to work collaboratively (or independently if you wish)
  • The chance to work hard while at school and then have more time for outside school activities!
  • Access to our fiction, picture book and short story collections, allowing students to select related texts for English
  • Access to the nonfiction collection to assist students with deep research
  • Access to our magazine and journal section to assist students with finding contemporary links to the content they are learning about in their classes

Students are required to sign into and out of their study periods – students can refer to instructions about this at the sign-in area of the Learning Centre.

This is not a free period! So what can I do with my time?

  • Complete homework
  • Work on Assessment Tasks and Major Works
  • Complete topic tests
  • Write syllabus revision notes
  • Complete practice HSC questions
  • Consult study guides
  • Read English texts
  • Make notes or write emails to your teachers about things you need clarification on

On top of the resources already mentioned above, there is always a wide range of other resources on hand to assist senior students with their study:

  • Advice on goal setting
  • Hard-copy study planners to assist with time management and information on online study planners
  • Advice on looking after your wellbeing during senior school
  • Free palm cards, lined paper and plastic sleeves
  • Guides on revision resources like Edrolo, NESA multiple choice quizzes, Quizlet to name a few
  • Tools to assist with visual memorisation of content (mind maps)
  • Definitions of directive terms used in exam/assessment task questions
  • Cheat sheets to assist students with breaking down Assessment Tasks into more manageable parts
  • Information on apps that assist students to maintain mindfulness and stay on track during study times
  • Information on tools that can block distractions from social media, etc. during study times