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At Pittwater High School, drama is a valued part of the curriculum that consistently has a group of talented performers who work through to the Higher School Certificate in Year 12, having experienced a multitude of opportunities on stage in front of a range of audiences. These opportunities include drama nights, senior recital, open night and the school musicals which always leave the audience breathless. 

Drama: Years 8 to 12

Students are engaged with activities that foster self-confidence, creativity, public speaking skills and emotional understanding through making, performing and evaluating theatre. Activities include Improvisation, play- building, scripted performance, reader's theatre, mime, comedy, tragedy and monologues.

Students develop a real kinship with others in the classroom as they share uplifting successes on stage and connect with each other through the actor-audience relationship. Written work after every lesson encourages them to explore the feelings evoked through each activity, which eventually leads to a deeper understanding of articulating their emotions. In this day in age, these life-skills are becoming increasingly important as teenagers are faced with more and more challenges as they work their way through adolescence.