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This course will provide an exciting opportunity for students to engage in a dynamic environment exploring all aspects of journalism in both traditional and contemporary media forms.

Students will collaborate to develop and produce the PHS school newspaper in print and digital media. Year 10 students will provide guided mentorship to Year 9 students in this process. 

The course is designed for students to gain hands-on knowledge of the production of news stories in print, radio and broadcast formats as well as the development of social media and public relations content.

Students will investigate the work of journalists and the historical, ethical and social factors affecting the professional journalist in modern times.

Course outline

This course will provide an exciting opportunity for students to explore all aspects of communication. The course is designed for students who are curious, enjoy telling stories and want to increase their communications skills in order to explore current issues and ideas in an increasingly globalised world. Students will learn to ask questions, conduct research, and understand social issues in order to express their findings through various forms of media; including speech making, creative writing, feature articles, persuasive texts, new segments and social media campaigns.

Course Outline

What will students learn about? Students will study how clear communication can influence and shape opinions of contemporary issues. They will learn about the craft of writing in order to publish and there will be a focus on developing the skills that the modern journalist employs to communicate a story through contemporary media channels. Students will become skilled at researching and critically analysing a wide variety of media texts and will be able to create their own texts according to specific purposes and context. Students will learn the life-long skills needed in order to work as part of a collaborative and professional team through developing a group campaign on a contemporary issue.

What will students learn to do? Students will gain experiences in finding stories, researching, writing and communicating thier ideas through various media.

The following areas are included in the program:

  • Contemporary communication
  • Issues with the media
  • Inspiring change through fiction
  • Research and interview skills
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Public speaking
  • Film
  • News reports
  • Social media campaigns to influence social change

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