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Industrial Technology Timber

Industrial Technology Timber develops a student’s knowledge and understanding of a selected industry and its related technologies highlighting the importance of design, management and production through practical experiences.

The course consists of project work and an industry study that will develop a broad range of skills and knowledge related to the timber focus area.

Emphasis is on the practical application of skills and the development of portfolios. As the course progresses students have further opportunities to explore specialist timber technologies such as cabinetwork and wood machining.

Practical projects may include the development of:

·         Storage products

·         Decorative timber artefacts

·         Furniture

·         Small turned items

In Years 9 and 10, students may study no more than two Industrial Technology Focus Areas, i.e., Engineering and Timber or Engineering and Multimedia or Timber and Multimedia.

Students undertaking this course must adhere to Work, Health and Safety (WHS) legislation by wearing fully enclosed leather shoes during all practical lessons.

Timber Products and Furniture Technologies

In the Year 11 Course the following sections are studied in relation to the relevant focus area:

·         Industry Study – structural, technical, environmental and sociological factors, personnel issues, Work Health and Safety

·         Design, Management and communication – designing, drawing, computer applications, project management, literacy, calculations, graphics

·         Production – display a range of skills through the construction of design projects

·         Industry Related Manufacturing Technology – understanding of a range of materials, processes, tools and equipment, machinery and technologies.

In the Year 12 Course the following sections are studied in relation to the relevant focus area through the development of a Major Design Project (60% HSC mark) and a study of the relevant industry:

·         Industry Study

·         Design, Management and communication

·         Production

·         Industry related manufacturing technology

In the Year 11 Course, students must participate in hands-on practical activities within the focus area. In the Year 12 Course the activities of designing and producing that were studied in the Year 11 course are synthesised and applied. This culminates in the development and production of a Major Design Project and an accompanying management folio.