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Commerce has a flexible syllabus, which permits the course to be particularly appropriate to this school's strong business orientation. Many students and parents would appreciate the chance to establish a sound business base in their studies. Whether this foundation is used for senior school subjects like Business Studies, Economics or Geography, or with a view to operating their own or other people’s business, or simply to be familiar with the real world of business, law, money and records, commerce is an invaluable subject for the informed member of society.

Students will develop:

  • Knowledge and understanding of consumer, financial, business, legal and employment matters
  • Skills in decision making and problem solving in relation to consumer, financial, business, legal and employment issues
  • Skills in effective research and communication
  • Skill in working independently and collaboratively

Commerce provides the perfect introduction to Business Studies and Economics in the Senior School. Some of the skills used in Commerce such as report writing and SWOT analysis form, are an important part of the Senior School curriculum. Computer and analytical skills developed in the Junior School are also useful in Senior Geography and Society and Culture.