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Modern History

The study of Modern History engages students in an investigation of the forces that have shaped the world, based on the analysis and interpretation of sources. Modern History provides students with opportunities to explore their interest and curiosity about people and events that have had a significant impact on the modern world. It provides insight into the possible motivations and role of individuals and groups, as well as the origin and impact of ideas and developments that have transformed societies. Modern History stimulates students’ curiosity and imagination, and enriches their appreciation of humanity by introducing them to a range of historical developments and experiences that have defined the modern world. It enables students to acquire knowledge and to understand how knowledge is constructed.

Modern History provides opportunities for students to explore historical problems, to pose questions and to consider problems of evidence, causation and historical agency as part of the historical inquiry process, using the information technology available to them. Students develop transferable skills associated with the process of historical inquiry and dealing with the provisional nature of historical evidence and arguments. These include critical literacy skills, for example interpreting, analysing and weighing evidence; synthesising evidence from a variety of sources; and developing reasoned and evidence-based arguments. Students develop increasingly sophisticated historiographical skills and historical understanding, from the close study of people and events to the analysis and interpretation of broader developments that have shaped the modern world.