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Expectations for PHS computers

We have some simple rules and expectations for students using the schools computer resources.

Be respectful

Show respect for others in the way you use technology in the school by:

  • using technology for completing set work
  • using technology in a way that does not cause hurt to others
  • refraining from commenting in a hurtful way
  • reporting inappropriate use of technology

Be responsible

You have the responsibility to:

  • act in a way that does not endanger the computer equipment for example: 
    • not eating or drinking near a computer
    • not vandalising the equipment in any way
  • respect other users of the network for example: 
    • not interfering with another users files 
    • not copying another user's work 
  • Only access the Internet for study and research purposes not for recreation, gaming or entertainment
  • be responsible with any personal access passwords by treating them as highly confidential
  • avoid any activity which may infringe copyright – such as downloading music or video files – or which may promote any other illegal activities 
  • refrain from downloading files from the Internet, unless with a specific teacher's permission 
  • refrain from using the school's network for personal email or for accessing "chat rooms".


Our students aspire to use technology to improve their learning knowledge and understanding of the world

Our school has an extensive wireless network to support BYOD use by students, both in class lessons and for research.