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Design and Technology

Students study design processes, design theory and factors in relation to design projects. The course involves hands-on practical activities, which develop knowledge and skills in designing and producing within industrial and commercial settings.

In the Year 11 course students study designing and producing which includes the completion of at least two design projects. These projects involve the design, production and evaluation of a product, system or environment, and include evidence of the design process recorded in a design folio.

In the Year 12 course students undertake a study of innovation and emerging technologies, which includes a presentation of a case study. They also expand their study of designing and producing, which includes the development and realisation of a Major Design Project of a product, system or environment that satisfies an identified need or opportunity, with an accompanying design folio worth 60% of the HSC mark.

In the Year 12 Course the activities of designing and producing that were studied in the Year 11 course are synthesised and applied. This culminates in the development and realisation of a Major Design Project submitted with a portfolio and the presentation of a case study of an innovation as part of the internet assessment.